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More than halfway through 2021

31 August 2021  We are over halfway through 2021, let's have a quick look at some things I have done this year

My road to Certification

11 May 2021  Road to Certification

DotNet on a Raspberry Pi

10 May 2021  DotNet on a Raspberry Pi

Charting my Energy usage with the Octopus Energy API

07 March 2021  Charting my Energy usage with the Octopus Energy API

Azure DevOps Release Pipelines Pre and Post Approval

14 February 2021  Azure DevOps release pipelines have lots of options to do things how you want. One of my favourites is the option for approval.

Goals for 2021

28 December 2020  Here are my goals for 2021

Building a Twitter Clone

22 December 2020  I saw a tweet about building a twitter clone being harder than you would think. So this of course started me thinking how I would go about building something like that.

#005: Twitter Cards

12 December 2020  It has been a bit of a mad week this week.

Weekly Update #004

06 December 2020  dynamic sql

Weekly Update #003

28 November 2020  My first PR and PHP

Weekly Update #002

21 November 2020  Time sync in docker containers

Weekly Update #001

14 November 2020  Dotnet 5, dotnetconf and adding devops buildid and hash

Security Headers

26 September 2020  Check the security headers of your site

Back to Blogging

25 September 2020  Back to Blogging

Testing for expiring SSL Certificates

03 March 2020  Testing for expiring SSL Certificates

A Comparison of All Good Things... and Star Trek Picard

25 January 2020  A Comparison of All Good Things... and Star Trek Picard

How do you keep track of your passwords?

04 January 2020  My top ways to keep your login details secure

A look back at the 2010s

29 December 2019  What I did in the 2010s

Azure Advent Calendar: Azure Devops Pipelines

02 December 2019  This blog post is part of Azure Advent Calendar do check out some of the other videos and blog posts

Infrastructure as Code – Creating Azure Resources with Terraform

11 May 2019  Terraform is a way to script the creation of Azure Resources

Gated Release

05 April 2019  Automated releases of software are great but how can we add an element of feedback so only good releases go live

Documenting your API

27 March 2019  So you have created a super API that does something amazing. How do you document it so people will use it?

Azure Key Vault

19 March 2019  Azure Key Vault is a secure way of storing your keys, certificates, and secrets so your application can access everything it needs to, but you don’t have them being stored insecurely anywhere such as in source control

Technology I want to learn more about

05 March 2019  While at Microsoft Ignite I heard about a lot of cool tech that I want to know more about. The best way to learn something is use it to solve a problem.

Microsoft Ignite | The Tour – London

26 February 2019  I have just spent the first day at the conference Microsoft Ignite | The Tour.

Yaml Builds on Azure DevOps

31 January 2019  I have been using Azure DevOps (Or VSTS or VSO etc) for a while now and one of the great features is doing automatic builds with every check-in

Pwned Pass Update

23 January 2019  Its been a while since I first released Pwned Pass so lets have a look at where we are

Lets see what 2019 can do!

01 January 2019  This is my annual lets make some goals for the new year blog post.

Looking back at 2018

27 December 2018  As 2018 starts to draw to a close let’s look at some of the highlights from the past year. New Home –...

Running SQL Server on a Linux Container using Docker for Windows

05 November 2018  Recently I have been investigating what all the fuss is about Docker and it has been well worth my ti...

Picard is back!

08 August 2018  It has just been announced at the annual Star Trek Las Vegas (#STLV) convention that Patrick Stewart...

2018 The Story So far

28 July 2018  Remember me? I used to write blog posts but somehow life got in the way. So much has happened this ye...

Casting and Converting between types

07 May 2018  Recently I was asked how to convert a number to a string. Let’s look at a few ways of approaching thi...

Let’s Encrypt is awesome

30 April 2018  Let’s Encrypt is a free way to get a SSL certificate onto your website and until recently I had never...

DNS for Developers

09 April 2018  DNS is the backbone of the internet and as such I believe every developer should know something about...

Code Reviews

02 April 2018  Reviewing code is a great habit to get into. Code reviews help share knowledge between your team memb...

Android Development Options

26 March 2018  A friend asked me how to get started in Android Development and I thought I might have a go at answer...

Tips for Developing Yourself

19 March 2018  For a while I have been mentoring a friend and I thought I might share some top tips I have implement...


16 March 2018  Who was your hero growing up? Mine was Stephen Hawking. What is a hero? A lot is said in the media...

New version of Pwned Pass

05 March 2018  A new version of Pwned Pass is available from Google Play. A couple of weeks ago Troy Hunt released...

Refactoring if statements

26 February 2018  The code base I am working on contains a huge if block. By huge I mean 77 if statements one after the...

Chrome distrusts SSL Certificates

19 February 2018  One of the websites I have been working on has been displaying an error in the console. The error rea...

Content Security Policies

12 February 2018  A content Security Policy or CSP is a HTTP response header that defines what sources of content can b...


05 February 2018  Earlier this year I signed up for pluralsight. If you want to sign up to pluralsight as well use this...

Flexible Architecture with Interfaces

29 January 2018  I have blogged a few times about interfaces, and how useful they are for producing good quality maint...

Moving files into blob storage

22 January 2018  We are in the process of moving our companies websites onto the Azure platform. One of the challenges...

Website UI Testing

15 January 2018  Last week I looked at testing the UI of mobile apps, this week lets look at how we could do a similar...

Mobile App UI Testing

08 January 2018  Since I started creating an android app I have been writing simple UI tests. I have been taking adva...

Lets see what 2018 can do!

01 January 2018  It is 2018 so it must be time to think about what my plans and goals are for the new year....

Looking back at 2017

28 December 2017  As 2017 starts to draw to a close let’s look at some of the highlights from the past year. 1) Edwa...

Getting started with Azure Table Storage

17 December 2017  Azure Table storage is cheap way to store data, however it has some drawbacks that you should be awar...

How to get Zero Code Changes outside of Source Control

13 November 2017  Source control is bread and butter for web developers, however not so much for SQL developers and oth...

SQL with Visual Studio Code

06 November 2017  Writing SQL queries is typically done with SQL Management Studio (SSMS). However this tool is a bit o...

Interfaces are cool!

31 October 2017  A while back I blogged about learning about interfaces as I didn’t really understand the value of the...

Creating DNS records programmatically

16 October 2017  DNS is the backbone of the internet. It converts domain names into IP addresses. But how can we do cl...

Discovery – My thoughts so far

10 October 2017  I tried to resist but I am going to have to write about the new Star Trek series Discovery. Warning...

Star Trek is back with Discovery

22 September 2017  In November 2015 it was announced that a new Star Trek series was going to be launched. It has been a...

Azure Friday

18 September 2017  I think Azure is great, but there is loads to it so I can never know about all of its features. There...

Azure Functions

12 September 2017  I recently blogged about using Azure Web Jobs, Azure Function is another way of doing the same thing,...

Pwned Pass – Available from the Play Store

14 August 2017  Pwned Pass is now available from the Google Play Store. Pwned Pass is a simple android app that al...

Android App Development and the Visual Studio Mobile Centre

07 August 2017  For the past week or so I have been playing around with Xamarin and creating an android app. Well I...

Creating your own nuget packages with VSTS

31 July 2017  For a while I have found myself writing the same bits of code for different web projects. This annoys...

Async and Await

24 July 2017  For a while the Async and Await commands in c# have confused me. Like most things the best way to le...

How good is your SSL?

17 July 2017  I recently watched Troy Hunt’s What Every Developer Must Know about HTTPS course on Pluralsight. It...

Writing your first test

10 July 2017  Whenever I write a new test I have to think how best to do it. Hopefully I can summarise a few tips h...

Uploading Files to AWS

03 July 2017  I am a fan of Azure but today I have been looking at AWS. Specifically how to upload and download fil...

Using Azure WebJobs to Automate Stuff

26 June 2017  I keep hearing about Azure WebJobs but I have never used them. Time to change this. WebJobs are a fe...

Fiddler and APIs

19 June 2017  A while ago I blogged about promoting my blog with Buffer. At the time I made use of the nuget package BufferAPI but lets look at some improvements I can make.

How do I add Power BI data to a webpage?

12 June 2017  Last week I talked about Power BI, what it is and some of the different services you can use with it. This week lets add some of that data to a simple web page.

What the heck is Business Intelligence?

05 June 2017  The term Business Intelligence (BI) refers to technologies, applications and practices for the collec...

Office Move

01 May 2017  For the past few weeks my software developing has been taking a back seat as I planned and coordinate...


27 March 2017  I am trying to understand interfaces and when to use them in my code. An interface defines a contrac...

Learning R

27 February 2017  Today I spent some time learning the R language. The problem I was trying to solve was to convert lo...

Amazon Web Services

21 July 2016  I am a big fan of Azure but I know zero about its biggest rival – Amazon Web Services or AWS. So...

I’m 100 blog posts old

02 June 2016  That’s right this is the one hundredth post that I have written on this blog. So what have I...

SQL Server Management Studio

03 December 2015  I use SQL Server Management Studio all the time for writing queries, getting data and general SQL...

Star Trek is back (in 2017)

12 November 2015  As you have probably heard Star Trek is coming back to TV. I recently joined with the Sci Fi Waffle...

Runaway SQL Log growth

12 June 2015  Today is my day off, but I wake up and have a quick look at nagios to see if there is anything I need...

Source Control Fail

16 March 2015  Every developer uses source control, it is a great tool for keeping track of changes to your code, se...

Azure Traffic Manager

12 March 2015  However Azure has some amazing features that you can configure to help manage when downtime occurs

Tidying my desktop

11 March 2015  My desktop is always a mess. I constantly download files there and forget all about them.

I love Nagios

24 September 2014  You may not have heard of Nagios but it has saved my bacon quite a few times. Nagios is an open so...

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